Sunday, 30 September 2007

End of the month

Ho hum, another month in the books. Firstly, some personal stuff, i was strongly considering dropping out of uni (2nd year mech eng) and going pro as a poker player. However, since i 've been back in leeds i've been reinspired to finish the course for a few reasons, i think i've realised how much i enjoy the uni life and i even enjoy the work (to an extent) though primarily i think it's because i have some really good mates up here and quite a few are on my course. That has motivated me to put some work in and although it's going to take a ton of effort to get a first i think it'll be worth it as i'll be done in like 20 months and it's something that no one can ever take away from me.

Obviously being a winning poker player has a lot of positives but i just feel that right now i can work really hard at uni and still develop as a poker player albeit a bit slower than if i were pro. I would like to think that come june 2009 i'll be leaving with a top class degree from a very good university and have alot of money from poker which would really be a great way to enter the 'real world' so to speak.

Anyway to this months poker results, i think i definitely played poorly in parts this month due to another attempt at 6 tabling which i just cant do successfully. I played 55 hours in september which really isnt enough especially considering i was just chillin at home for half of it.

I ran kinda bad when all in again but nothing too horrendous.

I am pretty happy with my progress as it stands. My aim was to be playing NL400 by now but the reason i am still playing NL200 is because i've had to cash out a ton from my bankroll because of problems with my student loans. I am 100% i can beat NL400 for a good rate.

As far as the next few months are concerned i am just going to try to play 30k hands a month and keep studying and progressing with my game and i still want to be at NL1000 by christmas. Although i'll be pretty happy with beating NL400 for £100+ per hour :) but who knows

have a good one

Saturday, 8 September 2007


First things first, NEW TV! It's a sharp 42inch 1080p and is so sick especially with the ps3. It's so fucking heavy though. I don't really need it but it was just to reward myself for the hard work i've put into poker so far.

Had a 10k breakeven stretch last week which is super standard but can still grind on your nerves a bit. On a sick heater at the moment though so can't and won't complain. Below is the last 5 hours of poker i've played, i've been taking shots at NL400 and have been running like god which is of course always great when you are moving up stakes. To be honest it has really been a great summer and i think i am up around $16k since july 11th including rakeback which i am delighted with. My only regret is not getting away and doing enough but most of that was due to my resit exam so it's my own fault anyway.

Really want to keep plodding away at NL400 and get to NL1000 by christmas and i feel as though i am on course though i can't get complacent and must continue to work hard.

Hope to go back to Canada around christmas and maybe stay for a while and possibly go to Thailand for a few months aswell. Also want to go on some climbing courses next year even though i am a complete punter/n00b.

Best wishes


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Taking a few days off

Really feel like i could do with a few days off from poker and going out on the piss a bit as i've spent the last 9 days on a fitness binge/ poker grind so i could really do with chilling. I want to play 9k hands by sunday and i've played 3k hands so far this week so i just need to put in 2k hands a day friday-sunday which will be tough but at my current rate it should net me around $2k. Which is ideal as i am buying a big arse HDTV next week (i'll post pics once i've decided on one)

haha i realise that's not a great read but my head is fucked at the moment and i need to go to bed


Monday, 27 August 2007

A new start

First of all just catch up on a few things. My exam resit went quite well but i am not sure what i am going to do, pass or fail. Had a great time in leeds and had some friends from traveling visit for the weekend in our new house and we had a proper laugh, In the end it was 4 straight days on the piss so i felt shitty afterwards but it was awesome to see everyone.

poker has been going very well and this is my august so far

haven't play many hands due to my exam and just general moving around. my hourly rate is around $110 (£55) which is pretty nuts considering it's tax free and i'd earn about a 10th of that doing some shitty summer job.

Planning on grinding from now until i go back to uni which will be around sep 17th, i am not setting myself any real targets but hopefully i'll get in a ton of hands. I've also been running everyday for the last week which has been great and i want to lose as much of my belly as i can before uni as i am sick of it, i mean i have never really been fat per se but just always had this stupid fucking podge belly.

Got my ps3 and new HDTV arriving this week too which will be sick and i need to start shopping for a new snowboard set up as i want to get in a ton of riding this winter. Holla

I'll probably keep this more up to date aswell


Edit: forgot to say, i got sucked out on in my biggest post every today :(
Full Tilt Poker - No Limit Hold'em Cash Game - $1/$2 Blinds - 5 Players - (

SB: $198.00
BB: $503.05
UTG: $222.80
CO: $56.60
Fletcher19 (BTN): $458.15

Preflop: Fletcher19 is dealt 6s Ts (5 Players)
UTG folds, CO calls $2.00, Fletcher19 raises to $9.00, SB folds, BB calls $7.00, CO calls $7.00

Flop: ($28) 2s Td 6h (3 Players)
BB checks, CO checks, Fletcher19 bets $19.00, BB raises to $58.00, CO folds, Fletcher19 raises to $162.00, BB raises all-in to $494.05, Fletcher19 calls all-in for $287.15
Uncalled bet of $0.00 returned to BB

Turn: ($926.30) 2d (2 Players - 2 All-In)

River: ($926.30) Ad (2 Players - 2 All-In)

Pot Size: $926.30 ($3 Rake)

BB had Kd Ks (two pair, Kings and Twos) and WON (+$465.15)
Fletcher19 had 6s Ts (two pair, Tens and Sixes) and LOST (-$458.15)

$926 !!!!!

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Great August (so far)

Once again i apologise for the lack of updates i just have alot going on at the moment but should be back to regularity come the 20th of this month

Anyway, August has been very kind to me to this point, definitely been running good but also playing well. Hopefully i can be at NL400 by the end of this month.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Sorry for the lack of updates, i just have alot going on at the moment and sometimes the blog slips my mind. Been running pretty shit lately and not been playing too well either, booked a solid day today though so hopefully i can back on track.

Here is my graph from the last time i posted, as you can see i am still stuck but whatever, that's pokah!

Thursday, 26 July 2007


Pretty nondescript day. played something like 1.2k hands and ended up at about +$220.

Here's the biggest pot

Full Tilt Poker - No Limit Hold'em Cash Game - $1/$2 Blinds - 5 Players - (

Fletcher19 (SB): $266.70
BB: $200.00
UTG: $200.00
CO: $595.55
BTN: $254.30

Preflop: Fletcher19 is dealt Jh Jc (5 Players)
2 folds, BTN raises to $7.00, Fletcher19 raises to $25.00, BB folds, BTN calls $18.00

Flop: ($52) 7c 6h Js (2 Players)
Fletcher19 bets $38.00, BTN calls $38.00

Turn: ($128) 7s (2 Players)
Fletcher19 checks, BTN bets all-in for $191.30, Fletcher19 calls $191.30

River: ($510.60) 2c (2 Players - 1 All-In)

Pot Size: $510.60 ($3 Rake)

BTN had Kd Qd (a pair of Sevens) and LOST (-$254.30)
Fletcher19 had Jh Jc (a full house, Jacks full of Sevens) and WON (+$253.30)

Saw the simpsons movie earlier, it had some solid gags which i wasn't really expecting but other than that it was pretty thin and the storyline was shit. I am sure it will be a big hit though.